Alon Darvish , the CEO of Rexford Realty, has a unique set of skills that set him apart and above the competition in the real estate world of Southern California.

Alon Darvish and his team work in the areas around Southern California like Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Beverly Hills, and Orange County, where real estate can be highly competitive. Alon is a higher caliber agent because of his superior knowledge and unique skillset. He was raised around the field of construction and has always had a special interest in architecture. Growing up around construction means Alon has superior knowledge about the inner workings of a house, whereas another agent’s knowledge may fall short at just what is on the surface. Alon has always had an interest in architecture, which also deepens his passion for real estate and helps him in his quest to find the perfect home for any buyer. In order for a home to stand out and appeal to the right buyers, an agent must know how to list it well.

Alon is an expert when it comes to the entire process. He knows how to stage a house and give it the perfect touch of curb appeal so that it is picture perfect for the listing. Then, he prices it right to attract the desired buyers.

Buying a home with Alon Darvish is an equally pleasurable experience. He will not rest until he finds the home of the buyer’s dreams.

Alon’s drive and tenacity inspire his team to be equally driven in their work, producing a highly successful agency. Choosing Rexford Realty and Alon Darvish will always be a win for anyone seeking a real estate agency.  Feel free to contact Alon at (310)299-9974.